Soli 2020/21

Good news for over 90% of all employees: The “solidarity surcharge” will be skipped from January, 1st 2021. This means extra money for clever investments!

Tobias Siebert explains solidary surcharge

Money for nothing!

The “solidarity surcharge” has been introduced 30 years ago to rebuild Eastern-Germany after the re-union of Eastern and Western-Germany. The “soli” is actually 5,5% on top of every income and corporate tax in Germany and has collected well over 350 billion Euros.

Check your payslip: The skipped “soli” means less taxes and higher net salary of up to 75 € each month.

Double your savings!

Only by means of a company pension you can double your savings:

Adding even more savings in income taxes and social security contributions plus an obligatory employer contribution means up to 185 € per month invested in a pension plan for your retirement. This means an extra investment of over 80.000 € for a 30-year-old person without doing without a single cent compared to your net salary in 2020.

It’s up to you: Enjoying some extra money each month for extra consumption or building up over 100.000 € on the long run...

It’s now or never

If you always wished you could save for your retirement, if you only had the cash, here’s your chance: Build an extra monthly pension of up to 400 € as long as you live without touching your monthly budget!

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