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Do you think, attracting and keeping the best talents is vital for your future business and you are interested in great effects at low costs? Then let’s speak! Find out how your company can benefit from multiple legal advantages and let’s create the perfect company pension plan for you and your staff!

Why start a company pension right now

Okay, your actually very busy in managing the current challenges in your day to day business. The REAL challenge is to implement clever structures for your future growth at the same time and take advantage of possible opportunities.

E.g. did you know that you could allow an employer subsidy with no or minimal costs for your company?

Here my assistance can help you to build up a perfectly working system for guiding your staff through the jungle of finance and insurances in Germany and building up long term assets with minimum effort!

Want to know more?

I have been working together with many companies for years on a basis of trust. If you are interested in a more profound feedback, feel free to read the following recomendations.

Tobias Siebert explains employer-funded pension

6 reasons why you should offer a company pension plan

Legal right to ask for a company pension plan

All employees in Germany have got the legal right to ask for a company pension plan. This results from the weaknesses of legal pension and the chance to save taxes and social security contributions.

Minimum 15% employer contribution by law since 2019

In most cases no extra costs for your company!

Minimum administration

For your company.

Financial education

Additional financial education to guide your staff and to help them focus on their business projects as well as recharging energy in their private time

Skip of Solidary Charge

Skip of Solidarity Charge in January 2021 empowers most employees to build up tens of thousands of euros without any effort at all.

No extra charges for my service

My fees are generally implemented in the contributions.

What’s good for your staff is good for your company!

Did you know that over 50% of young, international employees are highly interested in pension plans and feel a strong wish to sort out their financial issues in accordance with german standards?

Over 70% ask for two or more investment options in company pension and seek for clear, transparent information and a fair and honest consultancy rather than only a sales talk.

25% of employees starting a pension scheme choose ecologically friendly, ethical and sustainable investments.

Turn your legal obligation to inform your employees about company pensions into a win-win-situation for your staff AND your company!

Only three steps to start

First meeting

  • explain legal obligations in Germany and possibilities to attract the best talents
  • list your goals, wishes and demands

Second meeting

  • Proposal of tailor-made pension plan for your company
  • Time scale for group and individual meetings

One person in-charge

  • One employee in HR should co-ordinate meetings and communication for new starters and people leaving your company
  • All the rest of the administration will be organized by me and my colleagues at MLP!

What’s in it for your business?

This is what you can expect

  • Motivated staff putting all their energy in your business
  • More talents - less fluctuation
  • Employer contribution up to 20% possible without any extra costs for your business

What’s in it for you?

  • Security by meeting legal requirements
  • Pro-actively give some good news to your staff
  • Start a tax-free, unlimited company pension for yourself and your executices!

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