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If you think that getting extraordinary return on your investments without any risk would be fantastic and guidance in finding the right German insurance products would be more than helpful and honest consultation is worth more than just product selling. Then let’s speak and see how you can benefit from legal possibilities and my assistance in finding the right level of safety, tailor-made just for you!

Did you know, you can...

...transfer parts of your salary into a company pension?
...get tax-savings of over 200 € per month? social contribution up to 45 € per month?
...benefit from a minimum employer contribution of over 40 € per month?

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Level up your investments!

Getting reasonable return by interest rates only is hard to achieve, nowadays.
Consequently you are losing the compound interest effect in your long-term savings.
If you want to achieve a great performance without accepting the risk of a highly volatile development, the company pension is my best advice:

  • Guaranteed savings in tax and social security contributions
  • Obligatory bonus from your employer
  • Choose between a life-long pension or a one-off payment, when retiring

Tobias Siebert explains employer-funded pension

When you’re working SMART for your money, let me show you exciting ways of how your money can work for you!

Are you looking for one person who can...

... give you an overview about necessary and possible insurances in Germany
... offer a choice of the best offers on the market
... organize a mortgage loan for you
... guide you in investments

Let’s get in touch, then!

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